A Quest for Retro Video Game Preservation

The characters within the retro video game, ‘The Fate of Owari’, become aware of their mortality when they discover the battery backup powering their game, and their world, is about to deteriorate and die.  Now, the unassuming hero, Ichi roams from temple to temple in the hopes of discovering a way of preserving his world.  Should Ichi try to port the game, remake it, or emulate it?  Each method of preservation comes with its own pros and cons, but Ichi has to think quickly as the battery backup begins to fade.

Original story and characters by Dexter Morrill




page 02 (with text)






Ichi watercolor


Bit Rot


color pencil


page 2 (pose2)


page 3 (pose 3)


page 01 (pose 1)


Oni Void (+35 sat) 1


Helen laptop (-35 saturation)