The Fate of Owari Illustrations

In 2016, I developed a concept for a comic that would inform its readers of the cultural importance of and the methods currently being used to preserve retro video games and their historical significance.  Formatting the story as a comic allowed me to employ my strengths as an illustrator and storyteller and reach out to a broader audience beyond “gamers”.

Research also included experimentation with medium and format (i.e. – watercolors, digital illustration, pixel art, story boarding and sequential imaging).

Page 01 (complete)
Ichi & the Garden Nymph: Page 01 (2016)


0 - Title Screen 1
The Fate of Owari: Title Card (2017)


page 2 (pose2)
Ichi meets Nico: Slide 2-2 (2016)


page 01 with bg
Amy Phillips (2017)


Ichi found a hammer
Ichi of Owari, watercolor and graphite (2016)


Book and Editorial Illustrations

Illustrating for books and editorial pieces requires a separate set of techniques: The ability to capture an author’s themes or story elements in a single image on top of gearing the style and imagery for the appropriate audience.

Dexter - Micro Novel (9x7).jpg
Alan Moore’s Micro Novel: Illustration (2017)


dont speak Illustration
Don’t Speak (2017)


spread 3
The Lion, The Bear & The Fox: Page 5-6 (2017)


Your Kid’s First Poker Book: Page 4 (2011)


Retroware Illustrations is a website created by and for the retro video gaming community.  While working on the site as a designer and web comic artist, I created retro video game themed posters and developed an on going comic story starring the site’s content creators as well as original and classic video game characters.

Quest for the All-Games: Page 04 (2013)


Page 11 (with credits lowrez)
Quest for the All-Games: Page 11 (2014)


The Galaxy is at Peace: Power Poster #2 (2013)


Power Poster 7
Golbez Battle: Power Poster #7 (2015)


chrono trigger
65,000,000 B.C.: Power Poster #10 (2016)


Promotional Material Illustrations

As a freelance illustrator, I have been commissioned by videographers, musicians and authors for several projects, some of which include: video title cards, music album covers, promotional posters, character designs and an award-winning comic convention design.

From Plastic to Pixels: Title Card (2016)


OBH cover layout (with gus)
On Being Human – The Humans Are Coming: Volume 1 (2013)


On Being Human: Promo Poster (2013)


TGH promo poster (with logo)
The Gaming Historian: Promo Poster (2015)


filter idea1.jpg
Harmony & Cadence: Beat Board (2017)


Green Lantern
Green Lantern: Staff Access Badge (2010)